A recent success of how we helped a growing SaaS company hire 23 people in 18 months, increasing the workforce by 25%.

everyLIFE’s SaaS technology is curing one of the biggest headaches in the care industry – the archaic systems and predominantly paper-based records – through its care plan management software. Becoming even more important throughout the pandemic, everyLIFE was perfectly placed to offer that service. we knew we had our work cut out.

We needed to boost our staff numbers to get us ready, or else we’d face:

Delayed projects and poor delivery

A poor reputation in the industry

Staff burnout, an unhappy workforce, and a poor attrition rate

Lost revenue

Lost time

Ready to take full advantage of one of the most opportune moments in the company’s history – we got to work. we needed to hire across the board, technical and non-technical, managing the needs of many different hiring managers along the way. As this all took place during the height of the pandemic – we had the added challenge of making everything happen on Zoom!


Developing a strong understanding of the software, team dynamics, and hierarchy – we met with the SLT to devise a strategy that would work. The traditional CV route was not going to meet our needs or hit our deadlines, so we opted for a tried-and-tested video hiring process that fast-tracked the first stage interview for each hiring manager. Not only was this incredibly efficient, saving hours of precious time, but it was effective too – giving each manager a thorough understanding of each candidate.


By the end, we managed to place 23 key people over 18 months – increasing the workforce by 25%. The project’s success meant that everyLIFE could keep up with the influx of clients and demand. All of this without compromising on the quality of the hires – 90% still work there today as everyLIFE continues to flourish as a business.


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