A Good Recruiter will…….

Take the time to understand

Your Job Role

Your Business

Your Company Culture

Take the time to understand

Your Skills

Your Aspirations

Your Personality

A good Recruiter looks to match the best candidate to the best job and take pride in their ability to match skills to the role perfectly

A good Recruiter already knows available career opportunities and match candidates with those aspirations to ensure there is long term opportunities for both

A good Recruiter knows that not every company culture suits every candidate, they know

that personality and team fit are as important as skills

A good Recruiter understands there are two equally important people in the process, they question……. they consult…… they challenge

If this isn’t your Recruiter, then pick up the phone and lets chat

If you’re looking for a good Tech recruitment agency that will keep you informed about Tech jobs and flexible working, then Alphadog Recruit is the perfect consultancy for you. We go above and beyond to ensure that you find the best Company to work for or the best candidates for your Tech team.

Call us on 01483 857065 or 07787 298044

Alternatively, you can email us office@alphadogrecruit.co.uk

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