We’ve found you some great candidates, now comes the interview process……

Interviews can be nerve racking not only for the interviewee but also for the interviewer. To help combat the nerves and conduct a successful interview make sure that you prepare properly before hand. Here are some tips on how –

Firstly you need to decide which method of interviewing is most appropriate;

In person: The traditional way of interviewing where the candidate is met by the interviewer “Face to Face” usually at the company’s offices.

Over the phone: A lot of companies choose to conduct 1st interviews over the phone as these can be arranged at shorter notice and may help to shortlist the candidates that will be invited to a 2nd interview.

Through Skype: This method of interviewing is becoming increasingly popular. Interviewees have the benefit of seeing the candidate but these are often easier to organise as the need to travel is reduced.

Preparing for the interview;

Print out and review any relevant paper work beforehand, such as the candidates CV and any references they have already provided, as well as the full job description.

Remember that during the interview process candidates are deciding whether they would like to work for your company, just as much as you are deciding whether to recruit them. So it’s a good idea to try to make a good impression.

Keep in mind that more new placements fail because of personality clashes rather than lack of technical skills, it’s important to think about how the candidate will fit in with the office environment and work ethic.

Don’t talk too much, you want to find out about the candidate, so let them talk. Ask open questions such as “tell me about a time when you….”

Listen for signs that the candidate has researched the company and has a good understanding of the role they have applied for, this will help to show you how committed they are.

Consider giving the candidate a tour of the office and briefly meeting the staff they will be working with.

Finish the interview by asking if the candidate has any question’s they would like to ask you. To make sure you haven’t left anything important about the job role or company out.

You can read some great example questions here

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