The reality is recruiting takes valuable time out of your already busy schedule

Using video will considerably cut down the hiring process by at least 30%

Being able to view of a perspective candidate’s video allows you to make an informed decision without even meeting them

My clients are using recordings as a first-stage interview, sharing with colleagues that are involved in the process eliminating the need for multiple diaries filled with interviews

As we all know personality and team fit are as important as the skills, otherwise we’d all be hiring  off the back of reading a CV

With video, you get the chance to see for yourself if the candidate has the right persona to fit your culture canvas

The more traditional method of the “cv shuffle” will  always have its place and don’t worry you still get a copy with each video

But hearing a candidate talk through their career history is always going to be considerably more informative than just a resume,  however well written!


And what’s better than hearing it straight from the horses mouth


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