For over a year now, there have been huge challenges for interviewers and interviewees in the legal profession, as there have been across all industries. With so many practices and staff working from home, the migration online has been swift and decisive.

So how do you prepare for an online interview in order to make the best of everyone’s time?

Check your Equipment Prior to Interview

Make sure you have a sound internet connection. Check all the wires and cables and that you are getting a good broadband/wireless signal in the place where you will be conducting your interview.

If your wireless can be temperamental, invest in a Wi-Fi signal booster or use an ethernet cable to “hard wire” your connection and ensure a more reliable service.

Make sure the device you are connecting with has enough power and that it is up-to-date and running smoothly, preferably a good ten minutes before your interview.

Clear Your Interview Area

Wherever you choose to conduct your interview, make sure you will have peace and not be disturbed. Let anyone else know that you are interviewing and remind them to leave the area undisturbed for the duration of the interview.

Test the web cam on your device so that you can see how you will look to the other party. Make sure that there’s no bright light or window behind you that will put your face in deep contrast and clear the area within shot of the camera so that your “stage” is clean and tidy.

Dress Professionally

Interviewing for a legal position is a serious and professional matter, so treat the interview with the same level of reverence. Just because you are at home, get in to the mindset that this would normally be in an office environment, and act accordingly.

Obviously, you should be able to relax a but more, being in familiar surroundings, but still treat the whole process as if you were at work. So dress smart and professionally for your legal position interview.

Be Comfortable and Sit Up Straight

Make sure that your seating is comfortable and that your posture is good. You’ll be interviewing for an hour, maybe more, so get this and your nonverbal signals right.

Go Into Silent Mode

Switch off anything that might disturb your interview time. Put your phone and your smart watch on silent, switch off all the apps on your device that might make noises during your session, switch off email, etc.

You want the interview to go smoothly and peacefully with no distractions so that you can focus on winning that dream legal role.

Have Your Notes to Hand

If you’ve done your homework, then you’ll have a whole host of questions. Keep your notes nearby and refer to them occasionally as you need to. Try not to spend to look reading off the sheet because ultimately, you’re supposed to be engaging with the person on the other side of the lens.


No matter what level of legal position you’re going for, just relax. You’re qualified and experienced enough for this role, so stay sharp but relax.

Engage and Converse

It’s not the inquisition, it’s an interview for a legal position. Engage with your interviewer or your interviewee and try to make each other feel at ease with a friendly, conversational style.

Imagine you’ve already succeeded in securing the role and you’re talking with a colleague. Because that’s the goal of this interview, securing your next paralegal/legal role.

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